Cranberry Pecan Salad per Mom

1 3 oz pkg strawberry jello
1 3 oz pkg raspberry jello
2 C boiling water
1 16 oz can whole berry cranberry sauce
1/2 c pineapple juice from crushed pineapple
1 10 oz can crushed pineapple (drained)
1 cup chopped pecans


Dissolve jello in boiling water with beater add cranberry sauce
Add Pineapple juice and nuts
Put in ice box until thickened
Stir to distribute nuts evenly (will rise to top)
Set in 4 or 5 hours
Serve plain or with salad dressing (1/2 c mayo w/ 1/2 cup cool whip)

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Sermons 4 Teens

John Piper: A Challenge for Young People

10 Words of Counsel for Single People – John Piper

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Kacey’s Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice

1 cup rice
2 cups broth
green peppers
clove garlic
1 pk Sazon Goya (box in the Mexican section *has MSG)
1 tomato bullion
1 chicken bullion
1 can corn

Brown uncooked rice in EVOO (stir constantly), add garlic. Stir in veggies (have prepared in advance). Add corn (can save water to use instead of/with broth) and seasonings.
Cover and cook approx 20 min. Don’t stir or lift lid. If mushy, cover w/ fire off. If still hard add water and cook longer.

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Back To School Worksheets


Personal Mission Statement Project (graded)



Back to School Printables, Success Stories, Traditions & More :)


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Prayer Journal


93 year old’s Prayer Journal Video

Video How to Make a Prayer Journal – Homeschooling Mama
     LOVE having the calendar to remember to pray for people on specific days for surgery, celebrations, events, etc.

video –
First Page = Mission Statement!

Start with Praise!

War Room Prayer Journal Template – Free Printable

“I always leave a fistful of pages blank at the beginning of my journal to enter prayer promises from my daily Bible reading!” ~

FREE printable journal pages

“For my Filofax prayer journal section I have created five areas of importance that I want to concentrate on when I am writing in my prayer journal.

Prompts for Your First 30 Days of Prayer Journaling


This is a bullet point list of sections I include. I go into more detail for each one below.

  • Personal Evaluation
  • Bible Study
  • Scripture Study
  • Word Study
  • Gratitude
  • Books
  • Resources
  • Archives
  • Daily
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday”

Kid’s Printable Journal

Prayer Journal Sample – double entry/sided prayer journal

ARTistic Prayer Journal & CAST model

I like the sticky notes, daily Scripture prayers to claim as your own!,

How to Create a Personal Prayer Notebook

“I also keep a pocket divider in this section that contains my goals, theme words, and theme verses from years past.  I like to review these and remember God’s faithfulness to me over the years.  I’ve made laminated bookmarks of my goals the past several years, and it has proven to be a fun way to review them.”

Prayer Calendar — Daily prayers for your children

The Hour That Changes the World Prayer Wheel


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Armor of God

John MacArthur Series

Here are 30 practical strategies to put on the full armor of God:

Printable Sheets

Teen Activity

Youth Lesson


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