Chapters 21-22 & Review



Song Low Bridge

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The Industrial Revolution – Chapter 22



Dora Nunn Griffin Roberts
When redhaired cowboy Andrew Griffin rode into Brownwood to gather provisions for his new ranch, he swept tall, willowy Dora Nunn off her feet.

1897 Winchester he’s holding – Dora Roberts in the buggy
ROBERTS, DORA NUNN (1863–1953). Dora Nunn Roberts, philanthropist, was born on April 23, 1863, in Randolph County, Alabama, the daughter of Elijah Hope and Elizabeth (Joyner) Nunn. The family moved in succession to Hope, Arkansas, Bowie, Texas, and Coleman, Texas. In Coleman Dora married Andrew Griffin, and they moved to southeastern Howard County in 1884; they settled south of Signal Mountain on four sections of land. Two daughters were born of their marriage. The family survived the great drought of 1886–87 by burning prickly pear, selling milk, butter, and eggs, and raising vegetables irrigated with water pumped by a windmill. Griffin was killed in a roundup accident, and his wife married a neighboring rancher, John Roberts, on October 21, 1896; Roberts himself was killed in 1909, and their son died in 1912. Dora Roberts continued to run and expand the ranch and ultimately owned twenty-nine sections. A succession of oil strikes beginning in 1927 produced large royalty checks that she used for investments and charities. She bought real estate, helped finance construction of the Big Spring Petroleum Building, and served as president and chairman of the board of the Big Spring First National Bank. She is best remembered for her many philanthropic donations, including large gifts to McMurry College, Texas Wesleyan University, and Southwestern University. She made significant contributions to the Methodist Hospital of Houston and the Health Rehabilitation Center and Vocational and Technical Training facilities in Big Spring, as well as to area churches. She was a member of the Forsan Methodist Church. Mrs. Roberts died on December 27, 1953, at the age of ninety.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: John R. Hutto, Howard County in the Making (Big Spring, Texas: Jordan’s, 1938).


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Fence Cutters’ War

“To the stockmen whose cattle suffered, barbed wire appeared to be an instrument of the devil. They sent letters and telegrams to members of the legislature and to the governor. They held public protest meetings. Finally, when no action resulted from their complaints, many of them decided that the only thing to do was to cut the offending fences.

These desperate cattlemen formed small, secret bands, with passwords and spies. Sometimes these bands had such names as Owls, Javelinas or Blue Devils. Posting guards for protection, they began destroying fences that blocked roads or enclosed other people’s land. Usually they did their snipping at night, but in some places they worked during the day. As the drought became worse, some of the cutters destroyed not only unlawful fences but also those that enclosed land legitimately owned by the fencers.”

fence cuttingfence cutting

  • In Austin, it is illegal to carry wire cutters in your pocket.
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Week 14 – Texas History Chapter 19

Here’s how to memorize them to the tune of 10 Little Indians:


Animaniacs Presidents Song – UPDATED 2015z

One of my favorites!  🙂
Our Yankee Doodle Presidents – Ortyn & The Aliens
“Has been used with 4th and 5th graders: I do two presidents at a time: show one president slide first (no music), explain what the lyrics mean (give history) and what the pictures are, teach that part of the song only. Then do the second president the same way, then review both together with the music. The next day we do the same, adding two more presidents, then sing all four together. Etc. This is a very effective way for them to learn the song. By the end, they have it memorized. Once you teach it, just review it once a day; then they really know it well.”

John Brown

Goober Peas

Stephen Foster’s OH! SUSANNA

Rebel Yell
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US Presidents Songs

“Lyrics from “The American Presidents” by Genevieve Madeline Ryan: (tune changed to make it easier for kids to learn; lyrics slightly changed for rhythm of a different song , also because I wanted more info for some presidents, and everything after 44 is mine):….”

10 Little Indians Tune-

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Hurricane in a Jar

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