US Presidents Songs

“Lyrics from “The American Presidents” by Genevieve Madeline Ryan: (tune changed to make it easier for kids to learn; lyrics slightly changed for rhythm of a different song , also because I wanted more info for some presidents, and everything after 44 is mine):….”

10 Little Indians Tune-

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Hurricane in a Jar

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Friendship Tea

1 cup instant tea
2 cups dry Tang
3 cups sugar *
1/2 cup red hots **
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cloves
1/2 – (8 oz) pkg dry lemonade mix – added the 8oz pkg

Mix dry ingredients. Store in airtight container. To make tea add 1 to 2
teaspoons (or to desired taste) to 1 cup of hot water.

*I reduced it to just 1 cup sugar and had NO complaints!  🙂
**Added 1 of the Red Hots Candy Theater Boxes – didn’t measure

tea cup

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Happy New Year!

The 2018 edition has been posted! 🙂
Ready to make your New Year’s Eve predictions? Resolutions? Motto? Time to find last year’s forms for comparison.

Worksheet – Goodbye 2017 🙂


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Texas History Biography Project

FB Page
Oral Book Report ~ Biography
Book Report complete (10 points)
Have and interesting opening (5 points)
Speak loudly, clearly & slowly (10 points)
Make eye contact with the audience (10 points)
Tell why the person is famous (20 points)
Show evidence of preparation (10 points)
Tell person’s life story in a sequential, well organized order.
(15 points)
Keep audience engaged and interested (5 points)
Costume and/or Props (15points)
Total Points (100 possible)

Introducing 2nd Grade Students to Research


Giants of Texas History

 Harriett “Hattie” Louise Cluck 
Sally Skull



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Week 10

“Back in the 1970s or early 1980s, Peter Jones, an American-born composer whose great-grandfather was John Coyne from the general Kilkelly area, found a batch of old letters tied together in a box in the attic of his parents home in America.”

“In the late 1970s or early 1980s Peter Jones discovered a collection of century-old letters in his parents’ attic in Bethesda, Maryland.[1][2] The letters had been sent by his great-great-great grandfather, Byran Hunt, to his son, Jones’ great-great grandfather, John Hunt,[a] who had emigrated from Kilkelly, County Mayo, to the United States in 1855 and worked on the railroad.[1][4] As Byran was illiterate, the letters were dictated to the local schoolmaster, Pat McNamara (d. 1902), who often wrote letters on behalf of his neighbors who were unable to read and write.[3]
Covering the years 1858 to 1893, the Hunt letters shared family news of births, deaths, and marriages, and reports of the annual harvest.[1][2][5] The last letter, dated February 1893, was written by John Hunt’s brother, D. Hunt, informing him of the death of their father.[6] Peter Jones decided to compose a ballad based on the contents of the letters.[3][7][8]”

Great grandfather had 9 children who died in one week.

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Jane Long

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