Roaring 20’s Unit

Lesson and Matching Game

Slang of the 20’s

Flapperspeak or How to Sound Like the Bee’s Knees: 1920’s Slang

Worksheet (PG – alcohol terms, etc)


“You have been assigned a famous
figure from the 1920s. You will use this person for all character assignments in this unit”

*<3  Slang of the 1920s – decoding 1920s slang worksheet

Make a 20’s commercial’s%20slang%20assignment.pdf

Write a Story
(PG – link not appropriate for younger kids)

Write a dialogue using 20’s slang


write a conversation between 3 people with 4 lines from each person totaling a # of 12 lines… use a 1920s slang from 1920’s in every line.
some slang words:
balled up—–confused
bearcat—–fiery girl
beef—-complain or complaint
big cheese—-most important person, boss
big six—strong man
dick— private investigator
dolled up—— dressed up
goofy—in love
razz—to make fun of
sap—- fool
pipe down—–stop talking

Great Depression and Roaring 20’s Unit – Classroom–roaring-20s.html
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