Class 9

November 9
Lessons 33-36
Asia Lesson Thirteen – Bhutan Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
Asia Lesson Fourteen – China, Mongonia
Asia Lesson Fifteen – North Korea, South Korea
Asia Lesson Sixteen – Japan

•The Fall in the Garden
•Cain & Abel
•The Flood
•The Tower of Babel
•The Unification of Upper & Lower Egypt by Pharaoh Menes
•The Old Kindgon of Egypt
•The First Intermediate Period in Egypt
•Minoan Culture
•The Call of Abram
•God’s Covenant with Abraham
•Hagar and Ishmael
•Sodom & Gomorrah
•Birth & Sacrifice of Isaac
•The Middle Kingdom in Egypt
•Joseph as a Slave
•Famine in Egypt
•12 tribes of Israel
•2nd Intermediate Period in Egypt
•Code of Hammurabi
•Hyksos Invasion of Egypt
•Early New Kingdom in Egypt
•Moses Birth
•Plagues in Egypt

The maps presented below show the boundaries of the Babylonian Empire, Media-Persian Empire, Grecian or Alexander’s Empire, and the Roman Empire as they would appear on a map of today.


the flag is called Taegukki (which means, “Great Extremes”).

The white in this philosophical flag represents peace and purity. Symbolically, the Yin-Yang symbol represents opposites; it is the belief that all things in the universe have two, opposite aspects that cannot exist without the other. The kwae trigrams are from the I Ching; the broken bars symbolize yin (dark and cold) and the unbroken bars symbolize yang (bright and hot). The four Kwae represent: heaven (three unbroken bars), the Earth (three broken bars), water (one unbroken line between two broken bars), and fire (one broken bar between two unbroken bars). The Kwai trigrams are placed in such a way that they balance one another, heaven is placed opposite Earth, and fire is placed opposite water.


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