Bible Songs ~ Mnemonics

12 Men Went to Spy in Canaan

Twelve men went to spy in Canaan.
Ten were bad and two were good!
What do you think they saw in Canaan?
Ten were bad and two were good!
Some saw giants big and strong.
Some saw grapes with clusters long.
Some saw God was in it all.
Ten were bad and two were good.


There is a song sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”:

12 sons of Jacob or 12 tribes of Israel Song

Reu-ben, Sim-e-on, Le-vi, Ju-dah,
Is-aa-char, Zeb-u-lon,
Dan and Naphtali,
Gad and Asher,
Jo-seph and Ben-ja-min

The sons are in order of which mother produced them. Leah had the first 6, Rachel’s handmaid, Bilhah, was the mother of Dan and Naphtali. Leah’s handmaid, Zilpah, produced Gad and Asher. Rachel had Joseph and died giving birth to Benjamin.


MOSES 10 Commandments

“its belly and thighs of bronze” = NIV

The word translated “brass” in the King James Version would be more correctly translated bronze, since the alloy used was copper and tin (Ex 27:4). In some Scriptures copper is meant (Deut 8:9).

In ancient Israel there was no such metal known as brass. The one Hebrew word for copper and bronze was rendered brass by the King James translators because at that time the word bronze had not yet been introduced into the English language. Brass is an alloy of copper and tin. It is a word of old English origin and cannot be found in any other language. It appears in the English Bible, referring to either pure copper or to an alloy of copper and tin.



Daniel = Belteshazzar
Hananiah = Shadrach
Mishael = Meshach
Azariah = Abednego
King Nebuchadnezzar
King Belshazzar
King Cyrus

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