Geography Mnemonics

The 5 Oceans (largest to smallest): Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Artic

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For example, a mnemonic for remembering the oceans’ names in the order from smallest to largest is:

Aunt (Arctic)
Sally (Southern)
Is (Indian)
A (Atlantic)
Pip (Pacific)

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The 7 Continents:
Europe, Antarctica, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America

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“The Seven Continents” by Amy Anderson.

To learn the seven continents,
Start with the letter A,
And when you’re down to only one,
An E with save the day.

There’s Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, too.
The oceans run between them with their waters deep and blue.
There’s also two Americas: North and South you see,
Now we’re coming to the end,
Europe starts with E.

As we learn the poem, students point to the continents on their blank maps.


ZEBRAS live in Africa
Australia is down under,
Home of the KANGAROO!

Clap your hands for Asia!
It’s the largest one.
Antarctica is covered in ice.
The PENGUINS sure have fun!

North America is where I live.
It’s where I work and play.
In Europe you’ll find England,
Where the queen rules every day.

South America is home to Brazil.
It’s the largest country there.
The world has seven continents,
And I’ve just named them with care!

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