September 21
Lessons 5-8

Africa Lesson Five – Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan
Africa Lesson Six – Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti
Africa Lesson Seven – Somalia, Kenya
Africa Lesson Eight – Uganda, Rwanda

Why we need to teach Geography

AFRICAN MAP – EGYPT w/graphics

World Map Shutterstock Symbols

Map of Africa Mnemonic Device Project

Funny (but Lincoln is 16th President) and somewhat helpful?

Map of Africa Song

Memorize the map of Africa by singing a song to a tune you already know. Set to the traditional song This Little Light of Mine, learn this song and get an A on your Africa map test.

Brit (Barnaby Lenon (born 10 May 1954) is a British schoolmaster who is the former Head Master of Harrow School in Harrow in north-west London ) explains African map

—— under video comments “north Africa is ethnically Berber (Africans) especially Algeria/Morocco/Tunisia/Libya , it’s invaded culturally by Arabs not ethnically , review some ethnic studies

the more u move to the west the less Arabs genes u have , in Morocco & Algeria most of the population is berber 

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Somali Pirates

 ANCIENT EGYPT song by Mr. Nicky – Maroon 5

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