How to Read the Bible

Start with prayer!

Read prayerfully asking the Holy Spirit to guide you!

“Try interacting with the Lord by praying as you read Scripture. Meditate on His words and ask Him questions: “What are You saying to me? How does this apply to my life?” Then be still and listen, giving Him time to speak to your spirit. Just remember that whatever He says will never contradict His written Word. The more you listen, the more you’ll hear His voice, and soon your time with Him will become your greatest delight.” ~ Charles Stanley

“Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the LORD your God.” -1 Chronicles 22:19 (NIV)
Devotional Bible Study Is Not an Option 

In general, however, studying the Bible book by book is better than jumping around a lot from section to section. If your time is limited occasionally, but you would still like to study the Bible more carefully, try reading entire psalms or passages from Proverbs.
How to Study the Bible

Why Study the Bible 

Video – How to Read the Bible – Where to Begin (more info here)
In text – Ask Dr. Stanley
Have a set time and quiet place without a clock set.  Meditate.
“Purpose in your heart to obey Him.  Surrender to Him every day.”  “Lord I’m yielding my life to you. I want you to speak to my heart today.  Whatever you say that is what I’m going to do.”
Break the Bible into 4 Mini Volumes

Devote 30 Min a day and enjoy it like a novel.
“But my reading time is for reading. If I come across an idea I want to study or chew on, I jot the verse down and revisit it later. My purpose in reading is to see the big picture in context.”
“Divide and Conquer. . . the Bible”—Judy Reamer (

“Divide and Conquer. . . the Bible”—Judy Reamer (

By Philip Green, M.A.
Speed Reading the Bible with Great quotes and tips!

 The reading Bible you should use should be big print and not marked much.

 5 PAGES DAY        Through in 365 days          Read through 1 Time Year

10 PAGES DAY     Through in 180 days             Through 6 months – 2 Times Year
15 PAGES DAY     Through in 120 days          Through 4 months – 3 Times Year
20 PAGES DAY     Through in 90 days              Through 3 months – 4 Times Year
30 PAGES DAY     Through in 60 days            Through 2 months – 6 Times Year
60 PAGES DAY     Through in 30 days              Through 1 months – 12 Times Year
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