Christmas Around the World!

Learn how Christmas is celebrated in other countries!

Christmas Around the World – interesting tidbits!
ll around the world, Christmas is one of the happiest and busiest times of the year. Many people look forward to family parties and the exchanging of gifts. Others observe the season in a more solemn fashion with religious ceremonies and prayers. For Christians the world over, it is a time to celebrate joy on the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Around the World Scrapbook Freebie!
This free file contains 15 pages of 14 different countries and 1 blank page so you can customize your own countries.

Holidays Around the World Unit
Overview: During this unit, my students “visit” several countries around the world and learn about how winter holidays are celebrated there. Before the unit begins, I assemble a suitcase and passport for each of my students to “take with them”. The activities located below are ideas for you to incorporate into your own unit.

Christmas Around the World
Links to some fun information about traditions and celebrations around the world.


This is awesome!

Lesson Plan Ideas

Lapbook & Unit Study


Holdiays Around the World Map

Nasciementos on the Galapagos Islands


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One Response to Christmas Around the World!

  1. JoAnn says:

    What a great idea, learning what other countries do for Christmas, how fun. 🙂

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