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Wow!  I can’t believe we are starting week number 5!  I believe this is the schedule we will follow for the week:

1 ~ Monday Propose Material:  Introduce the Lesson
2 ~ Tuesday Retelling:  Expand the Lesson
3 ~ Wednesday Wrap:  Finish the Lesson & Review
4 ~ Thursday Show N Tell:  Children Retell the Lesson (Using skits, reports, pictures, etc.)
5 ~ Film Friday:  We watch a video clip pertaining to the lesson

Between 1730 and 1745 there swept over the American colonies from Maine to Georgia a religious revival known as the Great Awakening. The revival movement, unlike the earlier doctrine of the Puritans, promised the grace of God to all who could experience a desire for it.


Two leading figures are believed to have sparked the First Great Awakening in the United States. While the revivals were part of a broader religious movement that was strong in England, Scotland, and Germany, ardent speeches by preachers in America were immediately followed by heightened religious activity. Jonathan Edwards is known to have evoked vivid images of hell in his best-known sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” George Whitefield, originally an English preacher, began to draw large audiences in America after 1739. Edwards’ and Whitefield’s speech style emphasized an emotional connection to everyday Christians rather than rational theological arguments and was imitated by many preachers and lay-Christians alike.

Testimony of Nathan Cole

Source: Nathan Cole was a farmer from Middletown, Connecticut, who heard George Whitfield preach in 1740. The experience convinced Cole to find salvation and become born-again.

When I heard that Mr. Whitefield was coming to preach in Middletown, I was in my field at work. I dropped my tool and ran home to my wife and told her to hurry. My wife and I rode my horse as fast as I thought the horse could bear …

When we neared Middletown, I heard a noise like a low rumbling thunder and soon saw it was the noise of horses’ feet. As I came closer it seemed like a steady stream of horses and their riders, all of a lather and foam with sweat, their breath rolling out of their nostrils with every jump; every horse seemed to go with all his might to carry his rider to hear news from heaven for the saving of souls, it made me tremble to see the sight, how the world was in a struggle.

When we got to the meeting house there were  or  people assembled. I turned and looked back and the land and banks of the river looked black with people and horses all along the .

When I saw Mr. Whitfield he looked almost angelic; a young, slim, slender, youth. And hearing how God was with him everywhere put me into a trembling fear. I saw that my righteousness would not save me…


Jonathan Edwards: Preacher, Theologian, and Writer

Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening

Jonathan Edwards, Preacher, Theologian, Leader in the Great Awakening

Lesson grades 9-12,%20Pietism,%20Methodism,.pdf


“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” is considered the most famous sermon ever preached in American history. Jonathan Edwards delivered this message on July 8, 1741 in Enfield, Connecticut. Many who heard it trembled and cried out for mercy. Others fainted. Five hundred people were converted that day.

Great Introduction of the Sermon ~

Clips with commentary

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God (Narrative) – Jonathan Edwards (52 min long)

Sinners in the hand of an angry God (Max Mclean).wmv (25 Min)

The Use of Your Time (Jonathan Edwards) – Steve Lawson


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