MM ~ Week 2 ~ Issac Watts


Because we want to learn about the 18th Century and the people who experienced life then we are studying the people who made the history of the 1700’s.  We also want to learn songs and hymns during our morning meeting so I chose to give a brief study on Issac Watts.

We learned about Issac Watts and sang some of his songs.
We continued to sing his songs throughout the week.
We discussed how at the tender age of seven he wrote an acrostic poem of his name.

I am a vile polluted lump of earth;
So I’ve continued ever since my birth;
Although Jehovah grace does daily give me,
As sure as this monster Satan will deceive me.
Come therefore, Lord, from Satan’s claws relieve me.

Wash me in thy blood, O Christ,
And grace divine impart;
Then search and try the corners of my heart,
That I in all things may be fit to do
Service to Thee, and sing thy praises too.

We wrote our own acrostics of our names.
I thought it might be fun to do a “Six Degrees of Separation” with all the 18th Century contemporaries we want to study.  Well, OK, a version where you can see their lives crossed paths or that they were aware of one another.  The idea came to me when I read the following:

“Watts was officially introduced in America in 1729, with Benjamin Franklin’s reprinting of Psalms of David originally having been printed in England some two decades previous.”

So of course our next quick study is going to be on Ben Franklin. 🙂


Issac Watts  resources:
IW Hymns –




OTHER Resources
A Catholic series on American Hymnody ~



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