Christmas Count Down

Needing ideas to put “Christ” back into CHRISTmas?  Here ya go!

25 Days of Christmas Scripture
“Christmas is .  .  . ” (A time to give thanks, a time of promise, etc.) Countdown
This also has a verse reference to look up.  Would be easy to cut these and place them in your Advent display OR just make a paper chain with them!  Fun!

Neat LDS calendar
Great for ideas if you aren’t LDS!

Count Down to Christmas: Advent Calendar Activities
Printable – but it’s green so you are going to use lots of ink to print it.  Maybe use it for ideas.

Printable Advent calendar, vintage toys and crafts! 
Could print the toys to include in your advent activities.

Celebrate the 25 Days of Christmas
Advent Calendars to Make and Activities Ideas

Printable Christmas Chain Activities
Free PDF file to use as a paper chain or place in Advent drawers (or socks, or stockings, etc.)

Advent Calendar Links
Tons of links for calendar ideas, cloring page printables, Advent Scriptures, carols, hymns, activities, Jesse Tree, etc.





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