Thanksgiving Videos & Links

The History of Thanksgiving – History Channel
Old B&W short movie – Youtube – Please enjoy this Happy Thanksgiving movie brought to you by Movies in Your Home. com/watch? v=ASd0Rm- 7Vi4
Funny – JERKY TURKEY (1945) – (not very pc by today’s standards!)
‘Some hysterical history kicks off Tex Avery’s twisted version of Thanksgiving Day at Plymouth Rock. After the narrator establishes some wacky anachronistic history, the camera follows a stereotype Pilgrim as he tracks down a plucky turkey that acts and sounds suspiciously like Jimmy Durante. A madcap chase leads to “dinner at Joe’s.” ‘
Huckleberry Hound – 23 – Grim Pilgrim
Huckleberry goes hunting Thanksgiving turkey, accidentally shoots an Indian, and winds up eating knockwurst with the Indian and the turkey!
Huckleberry Hound (1958-1962)
Popeye’s nephews want him to kill and prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Popeye can’t do it, and he relates the story of how his very life was saved by a turkey (in Pilgrim days)! To strengthen the turkey, Popeye feeds it spinach. Directed by Izzy Sparber. Originally released on July 13, 1951.
Google Maps holiday trivia map showing cities and towns in USA: named Turkey, or that claim to be the turkey capital of the US or world, or are named Plymouth, or are named Cranberry.  http://www.mibazaar .com/thanksgivin g/
Clickschooling has crafts, arts, science, math, and virtual field trips here:
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