How to Memorize Addition ~ Teaching Doubles

Many math teachers suggest that it is easiest for children to grasp “doubles” (1+1, 2+2, . . .); therefore, it is best to begin memorizing addition starting with the doubles facts (1-12).

Who suggests that?
These folks:
People on this forum
Tips for memorizing addition

Why are doubles easier to learn? 
Probably because you only have to memorize 2 numbers instead of three (since 1 of the numbers is the same instead of three different numbers.)

Teaching Doubles
Lesson Ideas ~
To First GradersStrategies for Mental Math ~
Double Numbers
To add double numbers there are a couple of strategies that might help students.

When you add a double you are counting by that number once.
For example: 4 + 4 = think of 4,8 … counting by fours
Practice skip counting by each number in turn:
4-8 etc. This gets harder with the higher numbers but skip counting is an important skill for students to have.

Doubles occur everywhere in life.
For example: an egg carton is 6 + 6
two hands are 5 + 5
16 pack of crayons has 8 + 8
two weeks 7 + 7 =
legs on an insect (4 on each side) 4 + 4 ~

Do a variety of activities with double numbers and have students determine and explain which strategies help them remember. Each student should look at each fact and relate to a visual image or counting by strategy that works for them.
More Mental Math here

Using Music to Teach Doubles

Doubles Rap
It’s the doubles, baby,
let’s go, let’s go!
It’s the doubles, baby,
and we start with zero:

 0+0=0      Oh!
1+1=2   Oooooo!
2+2=4   More!
3+3=6   Kicks!
4+4=8   That’s great!
5+5=10   Again!
6+6=12    That’s swell!
7+7=14   Let’s Lean!
8+8=16   Really Keen!
9+9=18   Jelly Bean!
10+10=20   That’s plenty!

Teacher Singing Doubles Song ~
Doubles Song (and other songs to teach math)
Doubles Song

Doubles are fun, doubles are cool.
We’re havin’ fun, doin’ doubles at school.
Doubles are cool, doubles are fun.
We’re doin’ doubles ’til the school day is done.

A button red
A button blue

Two ducks quack
Two lions roar


Three little kittens
Three little chicks

Four peas on a spoon
Four peas on a plate


Five fingers here
Five fingers again

Six dogs dig
Six dogs delve


Seven faces dirty
Seven faces clean

Eight jackets red
Eight jackets green


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2 Responses to How to Memorize Addition ~ Teaching Doubles

  1. Lynda says:

    The Doubles Song is tutu cute … It looks like F.U.N. and that – we know – is what makes learning enjoyable. Thanks, also, for the video resource you posted. 🙂

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