How Odd! Maths: Odd and Even

We have played “Slap Jack” and slapped only even (or only odd). You can remove face cards or them them be “wild” (slap them as well) or count them as 10’s.

Here are some more ideas to help you teach odd and even!

Super Teacher Worksheets
CUTE printable ladybug game

Teaching Tips
ONLINE GAMES – Best listed first
Fruit Shoot – odd and even! Quick with different levels and tells you when you’re wrong!
Twins – cute tutorial and practice
Sliding Balls
Odd or Even?
Separate the numbers into odd and even numbers – EASY level (numbers to 10!)
Dragon’s Egg
Rescue the dragon’s eggs by flying around the sea, using the arrow keys, clicking on eggs with your mouse and deciding if the numbers are odd or even.

Me Too – Web Lesson tutorial
Paint by Number odds and evens – doesn’t check work
Odd and Even Unit links

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