FREE Spelling Programs,Strategies, Rules, and More!

Tips to learn spelling words:

From 1st grade teacher
http://www.freewebs .com/epp43/ spellingspot. htm

From The North Coast Institute
http://www.ncistude ls/WritingSkills /Spelling. htm  


Here is an awesome site with links (to activities, games, etc.) and tips (with pictures) to help you teach spelling in a non-traditional way.
Meaningful and individualized word study that’s easy for teachers
http://mspowell. com/spelling. html

FREE list of the "28 Rules for English Spelling from The Riggs Institute

Spelling it Right – Learn to Spell Confidently
Free printable worksheets, help and advice from an experienced English teacher.

Why children need to learn to spell correctly:
  • poor spelling creates a bad impression
  • it’s the first thing a reader notices
  • examiners, teachers, prospective employers,
    often place undue weight on spelling
  • anxiety about spelling inhibits a child’s writing
    especially their choice of words
  • even in these days of word processors there are
    still times when we need to write
Remembering how to spell new words
(It would be useful to print this page for future reference)
When you come across a new word ALWAYS use the   
memorize it.
Go here for more!
http://www.spelling .hemscott. net/#advice

FREE Spelling Program – also use your own personal lists from another program to play games!
Quoted from the site:
SpellingCity. com has: 
– Over 42,000 spelling words and ten learning games!
– A REAL person who says each word and sentence.
– Free home pages for teachers and parents to save lists.
How To Videos to explain to teachers and parents how to use SpellingCity. com.
– A free forum and newsletter with more vocabulary and spelling resources!

– Ten spelling and vocabulary games to play online or to print.
Free printables for handwriting practice with your saved lists.
– A
Resources Section which highlights features and existing lists for Dolch words, compound words, sound-alikes (their, there, they’re), contractions, possessives, and more.
After taking the online spelling test, students can print out a report, retake the entire test, or get tested only on spelling words that they got wrong the first time. 
TeachMe spells and displays the word in ways that stimulate memory for visual and verbal learners.
Printable Games include WordSearch, UnScramble, WhichWord?, Sentence UnScramble and MissingLetter.

Printable Handwriting Worksheets for combined spelling and handwriting practice can be created from any saved list (this feature only works if the list is saved). Choices includes three sizes of lines, capitals or small letters, script or cursive, and with directional arrows on or off. How cool is that?


Everyday Spelling from Scott Foresman (Grades 1-8) Check out what the public schools are teaching for spelling!

This site has:  

  • Language facts
  • Words in the news
  • Spelling strategies
  • Puzzle place
  • Writing prompts
  • Misspelled word lists
  • Links to:
    Mathsurf Texas – Free online math activities by grade level, keyed to Texas

And much more!


From the  03-02-07 LD and ADHD Newsletter (scroll down the page to the SPELLING tab)

Does your child experience difficulty with spelling? There are strategies and programs that can help improve spelling skills and give your child more confidence.


Spelling Mnemonics
http://gtotd. blogspot. com/2009/ 03/mnemonic- devices-for- spelling. html
http://www.ict4us. com/r.kuijt/ index-spelling. htm  
http://www.learning spelling- mnemonics. htm  
http://www.nathhan. com/mnemonicexam ple.htm  
http://www.scribd. com/doc/7205434/ Spelling- Aids  
http://www.eudesign .com/mnems/ spellaid. htm  
http://www.commonly misspelledwords. org/  
http://www.happychi acc/tpr/mne/ 0012spel. htm  

from LD Online:
Five Guidelines for Learning Spelling and Six Ways for Practicing Spelling
http://www.ldonline .org/article/ 6192

From Article Brain
How to Improve Your Spelling Skills
http://www.articleb Article/How- to-Improve- Your-Spelling- Skills/434

Please see
www.myspellit. com for the word lists and www.spellingbee. com for information on the National Spelling Bee.

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