Online Resources

BOOKS (Movies, too)
Literature to Supplement History

The "50 States that Rhyme" song and other AWESOME links


The Best website for Learning the Capitals:  If you miss a question on your first try, you will be prompted on the next time around. This quiz will not end until you have successfully entered (on the first try) all fifty answers.  AND spelling counts.

Timed US Geography Test of US States – Can you pass the 3rd grade?

USA for Kids
History, language arts, art & culture, literature lesson plans, searchable by grade level and subgroupings. 

Neat 10 minute movie of the geographic history of the US from the beginning of the nation to fifty states.

Archiving Early America: Movies
The 8 movies are:
-The Ben Franklin Story
The Life of George Washington
-Declaring Independence
Paul Revere, Messenger of the Revolution
The Shot Heard Around The World
-The Treason of Benedict Arnold
-The Real Face of George Washington
Molly Pitcher, An American Heroine



This is America Charlie Brown

Schoolhouse Rock 
History Lyrics (1974)

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