WFMW – Microwave Popcorn

My mother purchased some organic popcorn in bulk and shared with me!  My kids have been begging me to make some ever since she brought it over.  I didn’t feel like cooking it on the stove so I decided to try some in the microwave.  I’ve been wanting to try cooking popcorn in the microwave for a long time but usually ended up buying the expensive chemical-laden microwave popcorn in the bags instead.

I put 1/4 of a cup of the uncooked corn into a white lunch bag (brown works, too) and folded the top down twice and then used some masking tape (it was what I had handy) to secure the bag (just took a small piece about the size of a quarter.  A square quarter.  Then I just pushed the popcorn setting on my oven and it was done to perfection!  I added some butter flavor while it was still hot from the microwave.  The kids loved it!  Yay me.  And Grandma.  And my sister who told me about this tip.  And…

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