Fun Online Arithmetic Games

Ready to have some fun with math?  First, here is a great resource to help with daily practice – and it is more fun than doing it on paper!  Plus, it checks your work automatically.
Saxon Publishers’ Basic Facts Sheets

Now, the fun stuff! 
Here are some fun games I found to aid in our Arithmetic studies. I don’t see how Castle Defense is too math-y but it is pretty addicting!  🙂

Castle Defense 

CUTE Fishing Addition Game from Soft Schools  -Easy

Math Trainer – Multiplication
Get in some serious multiplication table training.
Responds to your answers … so it will train your weaknesses.
Use 3 sessions of 5 minutes each per day for best results.
Train yourself to REMEMBER, don’t calculate.

Leon’s Math Dojo
My 4th grader loves this! It is funny if you click wrong answer.
(fun karate game, click "maybe later" to skip registration)

Math Gym Arcade – fun games of logic!

AWESOME! Gives answers! A fun space themed game to practice multiplication facts http://www.brainorm loader_multiflye r.html

These are really fun arcade games covering a variety of math skills
http://arcademicski llbuilders. com/

Da Number
The object of the game is to clear the game field of numbered tiles. Players can clear the numbered tiles by finding combinations that add up to Da’ Numba.

– Great Addition Practice
Practice your sums with this fast paced game. Earn extra time by clicking on addends

Addition Attack – FUN addition practice gives the answer if missed, too!

Quick Math (Practice – x = +)
Test your reaction time and math recall by filling in math symbols as quickly as possible.

Math Lines (Math Zuma) –
An action game where you delete moving balls by shooting pairs that add up to 10 (or 4 – 15)

Number Twins
An action game where you delete balls by matching up pairs that add up to 10

Subtraction Blast
A fast paced action game where you shoot the moving targets with numbers to get them down to zero.

Addem Up – really fun!

FUN "Rush Hour" online games
Rush Game
Traffic Jam

This was a cool game for 9’s flashcards
http://www.netrover .com/~kingskid/ flash_cards/ test14.html

This gives you the answer if you miss
http://www.aplusmat /multiplication. html

This lets you practice – click on the fact and the answer pops up! (0-9)
http://www.multipli interactive/ flashfun/ flash/index. html

This gives you your results and lets you put in your high score.
http://www.mathmast llenge/

This is a cute game, allows you to submit your score and gives you the correct answers.
http://www.aplusmat matho/MultMatho. html

Multiplication Concentration

Power Football – cute, short, gives you correct ans (add, sub, mult, div…)

More Math Links
http://www.southfie ldchristian. org/elem/ learninglinks/ html/linksmath. html

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