FREE Secrets to Using Coupons!

I just learned that Jim Bob Howard of the Father-Led Home is offering a FREE 5-part mini-course,  "The 5 Secrets to Saving Hundreds of Dollars on Groceries Week After Week!" You will receive the mini-course in "bite-size chunks" every couple of days via email. 

In this course you will learn :

  • Why Using Coupons Fails 92% of the Time…
          and How to Use That To Your Advantage

  • How You Can Get Your Groceries Tax-Free

  • How to Turn Your Pantry Into Your Own Private Store

  • How to Stack Savings to Get Free (or Almost Free) Groceries

  • And much, much more!

All he asks in return is to  "read through the course and give me your feedback? After each lesson, please just send me a note and let me know is you see any errors, if it’s all clear, or if it was confusing or left you with more questions."

Go to to sign up!

For more information see his blog –


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