I’m Dumpster-Diving!

It’s Not Lead-Free? Don’t Matter to Me,‘Cuz I’m Conniving.
On February Tenth, I’m Dumpster-Diving!

Say hey, who in the world is C.P.S.I.A.?
They’re causing National Bankruptcy Day!
On February 10 they’re gonna do in
My favorite local thrift store – and more!
Like sweet Cousin Faye, who markets EBay.
They’ll all have to test every shirt and dress
   and toys for all girls and boys, no less!
Whoever heard of a book made of lead, anyway?
Why not check the big sources instead? Start today!
2-10-0h-9 is lookin’ mighty fine, to a bibliophile like me.
When questioned on the street by anyone I meet
I’ll falsely proclaim, "It’s part of my faith, and I can!"
   and haul off another load in my Minivan!
For selling 1 book you could do some time!
It’s not lead-free? Who gives a thin dime?
On February 10, I’ll be deep in the bin
Yep, no jivin’ I’m going dumpster divin’
The law is tricky and clear as wet dirt
Poor Ma and Pa are gonna be hurt
Who cares anyway how they’re survivin’
Friend, in the end, I’ll be dumpster divin’!
Don’t give me those looks,
You know you want black market books!
So the morning of 2-ONE-Oh better hope you know
Come rain or snow they’ll be tons of contriving
   by homeschool moms going dumpster diving!
Forget: Recycle – Reduce – Reuse
Make way for the ruse! You no longer choose
  the books you want your children to use.
Another freedom we lose? Confused?
It’s not lead-free? Don’t matter to me, ‘cuz I’m conniving.
On February tenth I’m going dumpster-diving…

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4 Responses to I’m Dumpster-Diving!

  1. onecrazymom says:

    I am very concerned with this legislation. It is just one more step towards more gov't control and less liberty for the individual.

    Thanks for visiting me at my blog – I am enjoying yours! Thanks for all of the great MLK Jr. Day ideas.

    I am also on the Ruth Beechick Yahoo group. I just joined about a month ago. ( :

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sad thing it, most of it probably is lead free. Just that the certification is too expensive. Hope the revisions they are looking at will resolve most of the real issues. What we're getting from China DOES need to be inspected, but not things you or I make from things we've bought here in the US.

    I wouldn't know where to get leaded plastic or paint if I wanted to lace my things with it.


  3. Wendy says:

    Just love your site =), and your poem! With your permission I'd love to share it with my hs group here in Maine! Blessings, Wendy (from Basically Beechick)

  4. TraceySkeen says:

    Sure Wendy.
    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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