Let’s Study Liquid Measures

Here are some great links to help teach Liquid Measures.

Measurments and Equivalents – Lesley’s Recipe Archive

First Grade Lesson cups in a pint

Poster Illustration Gallon, Quarts, Pints, Cups

This poster is good for use with the story "The Land of Gallon."   The Land of  Gallon has four Queens, each Queen has a Prince and a Princess, and each Prince and Princess has two Children each. Have the students remember by allowing them to retell the story while drawing the diagram.

Estimate which holds more volume – printable worksheet

Capacity  (gallon, quart, pint, cup) Lesson

Gallon Guy, Mr. Gallon, Gallon Man, Measurement Man, Captain Capacity, Cassidy Capacity, Capacity Man, – different names, great lesson!  One teacher even suggested to make a face on the head to represent measurements.  Make eyes and a nose as small t’s (teaspoons) and a mouth is one long capital T(tablespoon)  And the students learn "3 teaspoons in a tablespoon."

Mr Gallon Parts to print in B&W (and other Mr. Gallon Printables)  from Laura Candler’s website.

Gallon Guy/Girl – photo and printable instructions and printable guy/girl

Gallon Man with round head

Education World Gallon Man lesson & links

Tips to remember units from teachnet.com

PDF file based on teachernet lesson

Discovering Gallon Man Lesson with Printables
"Students experiment with units of liquid measure."

Measurement Man Print Out

Measurement Man Scarecrows

Measuring Volume with Gallon Man

Customary Unit Conversion Worksheet; Cost per gallon (compare with a gallon of gas)

The Ellison Educational Creative Team

Gallon Man for Behavior Chart

Teaching Gallons, Quarts, Pints, and Cups Tune of: Them Bones &
A chant for teaching Gallons/Capacity (tune Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Very Cute song "Lemonade Stand" – listen to a sample:

The Gallon Song to the tune of Alice the Camel – fun printable poster

The Measurement Song

Rap Song – The Standard System
If 2 cups make a pint and 2 pints make a quart
How many cups in a quart? (That would be 4.)
If 4 quarts make a gallon and 4 cups are in a quart
How many cups in a gallon? (Man that’s a challenge!)
Maybe so, but it’s just 4 × 4
16 cups in a gallon for sure
That’s 8 pints, no less no more
4 quarts, one gallon, let’s settle the score

Measurement Mmnemonics
A Pint’s A Pound the World Around (1 pint = 16 oz = 1 lb)

To remember the units in order
Great Queens Pick Clean Okra = (gallon,quart,pint,cup,ounce)

Mr. Gallon vs Mr. Bones
Notice that the human skeleton resembles the gallon guy.  
1 Gallon = Torso
FOUR Quarts
2 Quarts = 2 Thigh Bones (1 thigh bone per leg)
2 Quarts = 2 Bones in Your Upper Arms (1 bone each arm)
4 Pints = 4 Lower Leg Bones (2 each leg)
4 Pints  = 4 Lower Arm Bones (2 each arm)
Sixteen Cups
8 Cups = 8 Small Toes
8 Cups = 8 Fingers 
(Explain Gallon Guy does not have thumbs!)

A quart is one quarter (one fourth) of a gallon.

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2 Responses to Let’s Study Liquid Measures

  1. Deborah Johnson says:

    I loved all the education songs! I’ll be using them all next year.

    Thank you for sharing them with everyone!

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