Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

Challenge #2 – Indulge yourself in a simple pleasure.

Plan time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life!  Brainstorm and decide what you consider pure bliss, an unadulterated luxury.

Might I suggest:

 1.  Take time for a warm bubble bath – complete with quiet music, candles, and a good book.

 2.  Enjoy a great cup of tea or coffee and a comfy chair.  Rest your eyes and take in the smell and warmth from your cup.

 3.  Schedule a drive in the country.

 4.  Make a phone call to an old friend just to say, "Hello".

 5.  Go on a trip down memory lane via an old photograph or a song.

 6.  Plan a PJ day!  Sleep until noon and relax with an old movie, read a favorite book, or other relaxing activity
 7.  Give yourself a pedicure after a long soak in a scented foot bath.

 8.  Treat yourself to a great bed with good clean sheets in a clutter free candle-scented        room. 

 9.  Plant a garden or just a rose bush.

10.  Build a fire in a fire pit and just watch the flames dance in the dark.

11.  Dance in the dark.  Just dance.

12.  Laugh – keep a collection of funny cartoons and sayings that make you laugh.  Watch a comedy.

13.  Do something nice for someone special.

14.  Put the kids to bed early, fix yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, and watch a good movie.

15.  Play a game of tag with your kids.

16.  Quench your thirst with a tall glass of ice cold water!

17.  Journal.

18.  Listen to some good music.  Sing along. 

19.  Watch the snow fall.  Or stare at the "star field" screen saver on the computer.

20.  Savor a piece of fine chocolate.  Repeat.

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