New Year’s Traditions

Growing up we made lots of noise and celebrated the New Year’s Eve with plenty of food and drink.   On New Year’s Day we always took note of the first visitor to come after the New Year as a prediction of how the year was to be.    

Here are some more ways to celebrate:

  • Start the new year with a clean and clutter-free home but never clean on New Year’s Day.
  • Place coins on the window sill to bring money in the new year.
  • Follow an old custom from Wales – At the first strike of Midnight open the back door to let out the old year and shut it to lock out all its bad luck.  When the clock strikes the 12th time, the front door is opened to usher in the new year and all the good fortune with it.
  • Go to a "Watch Night" service at a local church.  This is said to be an old Moravian custom that was carried on by Methodist John Wesley.
  • Turn on the radio and sing or listen to Auld Lang Syne.   "Inspired by old Scottish tunes, the lyrics to the song Auld Lang Syne were written by the poet Robert Burns and published after his death in 1796." –
  • Write New Year’s Resolutions.
  • Make Confetti balloons or get some confetti fireworks or shoot legal fireworks.
  • Drink sparkling grape juice in fancy glasses, serve Golden Graham s’mores, leftover Christmas candy and cookies, and other fun finger foods.
  • Watch Rudolph’s Shiny New Year (December 30th at 8:30pm on ABC).
  • Watch the Rose Bowl and the Tournament of Roses parade on New Year’s day.  An American tradition since 1886.
  • Play board games.
  • Have a favorite movie/show marathon.
  • Do a tribute to the old year.


    Do not eat chicken on New Year’s Day or you’ll be ‘scratching’ for money all year.

    Eat 12 grapes at the stroke of Midnight New Year’s Eve.  One for every stroke of of the clock.  Make a wish as you eat each grape!

    New Year’s Day eating food in the shape of a ring brings good luck because it symbolizes coming "full circle".  Therefore, the Dutch eat donuts for good luck!

    Pork = Health/Happiness/Prosperity
    Cabbage/Sauerkraut = Wealth/Health
    Peas = Happiness/Wealth
    Black-eyed Peas = Luck
    Greens = Money

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One Response to New Year’s Traditions

  1. kjoyr814 says:

    love the title of your blog! thanks for the info on what pork and sauerkraut mean for New Year's. Having moved here from upstate NY, I could never understand my husband's insistence that we eat it. Now I know…and I will share it with him.

    I will be back. Great Blog!


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