Christmas/Advent Unit Studies!

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Christmas and Advent.  Enjoy!
"You can choose any aspect of Christmas as your focus. There are resources for learning about Christmas trees, Christmas music, and Christmas traditions around the world. You’ll find links to Christmas crafts, Christmas recipes, Christmas lesson plans, games, and activities. Pick a theme with your children and set them loose finding the things they want to do. In between activities pause for a little game of Elf Bowling or decorate your computer with Christmas themed wallpaper and icons."
Christmas Unit Studies
Free and printable! One is on the names of Jesus.
Christmas Lesson Ideas:
That is for Good Christian Men Rejoice.
This one is the A Blessed Christmas about the symbols.

Christmas Symbols with emphasis on Christ
This is a four day unit study, so it may be intense but it can be done.
Learn about the Advent wreath, etc.
While this unit is a study of 15 Christmas carols and hymns, it is intended to be flexible enough for every family’s holiday schedule.
Crafts, Ed activities for clsrm
The celebration of Advent is much deeper than the popular Advent calendar with its 25 cute little windows to open!
Advent is a rich and meaningful time making Christmas very, very special!!
24 days of LEGO® surprises!
Bring your LEGO® City to life with 24 exciting days of new surprises! Each day, open a new window in the specially designed Advent Calendar box to reveal a new set — 24 in all!

2006 Advent Calendar, links
Making a Jesse Tree:
Free Download!
The following Jesse Tree ornaments are designed for home printing … Download Advent reflections for Jesse Tree.
Neat Advent Ideas:
Using a 25 piece Nativity set, wrap each piece and set it in a Christmas box or basket.  Unwrap a new piece to add to the set each night of advent.
Make ornaments from shrink paper!
"We used the pictures from this page
and printed them out and then traced them on to the shrinking paper, colored them with sharpie markers, put a hole in the top with a hole puncher (you need to make three holes close together or it will not be big enough when you shrink it)  then shrink it, add a ribbon to hang them from the tree and then you are done.  Of you can just print them out on card stock and used these:"
More information:
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