Whose Turn to Clean the Kitchen Today?

This picture made me smile!  –  http://www.flickr.com/photos/hotelachab/2555042989/

It is a photo that was "taken in Barcelona, Spain, in a student house" according to the note below the picture.  It is a photo of a brightly colored orange wall with coordinating floral tile background.  Screwed to this wall is a spinner.  Looks like it could have been a recycled lid?  It also is brightly painted and divided into pie sections which are labeled with members of the household, including "el gato" (the cat!).  There is a note to the right of the spinner with an arrow pointing towards the "spinner" with the message (in Spanish) "Who cleans the kitchen today?"
To quote a famous dragon, "Looooove it!" (Wheezie from Dragon Tales, a PBS cartoon)
I think this would come in very handy for all sorts of things!   If you made a sibling spinner and hung it on the wall, not only could you decide "Who cleans the kitchen", but you could also decide the following:
  • Whose turn to sit by the door
  • Whose turn to choose the movie on movie night
  • Whose turn to go to the store with Daddy
  • Whose turn to take out the trash
  • Who gets the last red freezer pop
  • Who takes their bath first
  • Who gets to choose what music is played
You could even do a room spinner to decide which room gets cleaned first.  There could easily be an entire wall of spinners!  In addition to the sibling spinner and room spinner you could have spinners labeled with menu items, restaurants, chores, zones (think flylady), outdoor chores, and more!  Or you could make a dry erase/chalkboard spinner. 
With the price of gas you could even decide "Who gets to eat tonight?" (Kidding, just kidding)
Ok, now to find a butter tub lid, screw, and some Sharpie markers. 

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One Response to Whose Turn to Clean the Kitchen Today?

  1. Hotel Achab says:

    thanks for the quotation 🙂
    fyi the spinner's choice includes also the flat owner and .. yes.. previously it was a box of french cheese

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