Capitol or Capital?

Capitol and capital is another pair of troublesome words that that I came across today. 
When Capitol is capitalized then it is referring to the building in Washington D.C.   When it is just capitol with a lower case letter "c" then it just means the state building in which the legislative body meets.
Memory Tricks:
Several state capitOls  have gOld dOmes.
The Capitol is where the Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) meets. 

Think: "O" stands for Old building or "ol’ Capitol Hill".  
It’s capital for all the others! 
  capital letter – "Cap a tal" (cap a tall) letter 
  capital city – official seat of state government   
  capital – money/wealth; corporate or individual earnings (capital gain, capital stock)
capital – on a column (top – opposite of the base)
  capital – excellent (capital idea)  
  capital – center of importance (music capital of the world)
 also capital punishment

Now, clean off your desk and click here for the test!  🙂

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