Summertime Blues

"Sometimes I wonder what I’m a-gonna do
But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues."
– Eddie Cochran

Tracey Skeen

Sun blisters high in the Texas sky,
Brown’s the grass we once called lawn.
Dusk summons a mosquito fly-by.
Shoes undonned, cut-offs on
Brown’s the grass we once called lawn
Water, ‘lectric bill outrageous
Forgotten gardenhose left on
Summer rash, not contagious

Water, ‘lectric bill outrageous
Thermostat set on seventy
Heat advisory, heat exhaustion
Prayer for rain, summer brevity 

Thermostat set on seventy
Record highs, buzzing flies
Swatting, scratching, burning, itching
Sweet relief, a frozen treat

Buzzing flies, record highs
Drenches me in perspiration
Back to school – sales ads cry
Shopping retail in frustration

Drenches me in perspiration.
School year getting underway.
Searching for some inspiration:
Planning, listing, praying, testing;

School year getting underway.
Vacation ends, grind begins.
Children lament, try to waylay.
Books are dusted, tried, and trusted.

Vacation ends, grind begins.
School bell sounds another year.
Here we go, once again.
August gone, September here!!

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